16 Week Program

We are pleased to offer the Mind Rebel™ 1:1 Coaching Program. This revolutionary discovery model gives you the constructs and tools to become a Master of your own Mind. Free to unapologetically step into your greatness and create the life you truly desire. Mind Rebel Method™ is revolutionizing the coaching industry and offered only by Mind Rebel™ trained and certified practitioners.

Part One: Exploring Your Inner World

  • Inventory Review and the Wheel of Life
  • Welcome to your Hero’s Journey
  • Big, Bold, Beautiful Boundaries
  • Your Inner Landscape: Mind, Body Soul
  • Your Mind Rebel
  • The Mind Rebel Method: 3 Steps to Alignment
  • Your emotions know the way
  • Your Growing Edge

Part Two: Exploring your Outer World

  • Life Vision
  • Vocation – Career
  • Marriage – Significant Relationship
  • Fitness – Health
  • Passions – Creativity
  • Family – Vision
  • Friendships – Community
  • Personal Growth – Spirit
  • Wealth – Abundance

We will meet once a week over Zoom (Video Chat) as I coach you through the program . You’ll get a printable work book which we will use as our guide through each of the weeks topics. Your booklet will also include personal development and discovery activities you can complete at home.

If you are ready to take control over the life’s path and start living for your purpose, I would be honored to guide you along the way.

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Mendara Lynn Chan Certified Mind Rebel™ Life Coach

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