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What is Coaching?

Coaching is all about coming together in a co-creative experience to develop major transformations in your life. You are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The goal of a Coach is to help you achieve your highest potential and vision for yourself. You will become clear on what that vision is, and what steps will move you closer towards it.

With guidance you will work towards the shift into a Growth Mindset. You will learn how to identify and break through the challenges and barriers created by the limiting that have been holding you back in the past. So you can discover the next steps into that new level you are seeking for your life.

Together we will work to uncover your authentic goals and the big picture dreams for your future. Through the self discovery tools used in Life Coaching, you will become clear on the direction you want to move towards. This clarity is the first step in creating your vision and goals.

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching allows you to discover your true self, purpose and authentic goals. Revealing your potential and anchoring into that as you begin the continuous process of Growth. Your Coach will work with you to facilitate this change now. Guiding you in the creation of an action plan that will become the next best steps towards your transformation and goals.

Our Life Coaching programs are centered around Growth Mindset and harness the revolutionary coaching techniques of the Mind Rebel™ Method.

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Corporate Coaching

Our Corporate Coaching Packages combine 1:1 Coaching, Group Workshops and Group Coaching to bring you an experience designed to elevate your company. We will work together to design and build your vivid vision and align and engage your employees in the process. Defining company and individual goals for you team will not only engage each member, but also align their goals and direction to work towards the big picture. This wide scale development initiative will enable growth in new way within your company.

Corporate Coaching packages are custom and designed to meet your needs. Please schedule a call to discuss your options and the vision you want to bring to life for your company.

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Life Coach Ottawa, Certified Life Coach
Mendara Lynn Chan; Certified Life Coach

Inside a Session

Typically you will meet with your Certified Coach over zoom for 1 hour a week. Through out the session, the Coach will guide you through the topic with Powerful Questioning. You will benefit from Coaching tools which could range from written worksheets, activities or reflections. We will determine your next best steps and create the action plan to take away from the session. Finishing off by anchoring in on those key take away points. You will leave with an offering of a Mindset Activity to support your Growth between sessions.

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