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Not Very Lady Like

If you know me, you already know how close I am to my mother. She’s my best friend and has always been a mentor and that guiding light for me when considering what decisions to make in my life. I admire her and respect her advice. To this day I find myself quoting her to …

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My Mindset for Kids; How to Use the Prints

My Mindset For Kids This package is designed to help you and your child begin a practice of mindfulness and cultivate a growth mindset to carry forward with them as they grow. This digital print can be assembled into a booklet for the child, hung on a wall, or a combination of both. I wanted …

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Motherhood; An Ocean of Love

By Mendara Lynn Chan I remember the fear and hesitation before  Never knowing if I could really handle it for sure  The ocean so alluring from where I stand on the beach But the risks run deep, hidden out of sight and reach Do I take the plunge? And dive right in? Do I stay …

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