What is Motherhood?

What is Motherhood? Motherhood is a journey. Motherhood is YOUR journey as a woman; a woman who is also a mother. As much as it’s about the children, it’s not ALL about the children, it’s about YOU.

It’s making sacrifices for your children without draining you from your own needs.

It’s learning to grow and change just as fast as they do.

It’s about realizing what you are truly capable of.

It’s about finding balance between your children’s needs, your family’s needs, your husbands needs, and your own.

It’s about rediscovering the women you are and who you really want to be in this life.

It’s about dividing your time between work and home in a way that doesn’t divide YOU inside.

It’s knowing your limits and setting your boundary’s.

It’s about patience….lots of patience and an open mind to see things through your children’s eyes.

It’s about living your best life while still giving your children theirs.

It’s about achieving your dreams with your family, not just because of them, and not in spite of them.

It’s figuring out how to truly have it all in this life.

It’s asking for help without shame, and recognizing when you need it.

It’s knowing which sacrifices you’re willing to make and which you are not.

It’s learning to embrace and love this new body that might not always feel like your own anymore.

It’s recognizing which phases are only temporary, the good ones and the hard ones.

It’s being able to still put yourself first when your children hold your whole heart.

It’s having that connection with every mother who came before and after you on her own journey.

It’s giving and giving and giving, and still leaving enough for you.

It’s going to bed and waking up grateful every single day.

It’s finding joy in the most seemingly simple moments.

It’s being the hero in your children’s eyes and still the hero of your own journey.

It’s accepting that your children’s dreams will be different than your dreams for them.

It’s the most exhausting, stressful, messy, chaotic, scary, mundane and most exciting, joyful, loving, mind expanding and rewarding experience of my life. I love every minute, every up an down is a chance to grow and learn and love.

Motherhood is a journey, its unique for each and every one of us, yet the same in other ways as well. For me, its still the beginning and the future is bright.

If you’re seeking support with your Motherhood journey, my coaching program might be just what you’re looking for. Book a call and let’s work together to find the path you want your journey to take.