We are excited to now begin offering digital print packages to compliment our programs or to be used for self guided mindset practice. We are starting with our “Mindset For Kids” Collection.

These digital prints create a space for your child to start their own Growth Mindset practice through the activities, affirmations and calming exercises. Empower your child to cultivate their own mindfulness practice and create a growth mindset guided by these prints.

Perfect for ages 2 – 10

Includes 24 Digital Pages to hang on your wall or compile into a book for your child.

Inside you will find:


Calming Steps

My Yoga Practice

Share What I Need Cut Out Cards (2 Pages)

All My Feelings Are Valid

It’s Ok to…

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise

Mindset Reset ABC’s

Deep Breaths Practice

Body Scan

Trace Me (3 Pages of Calming Activity Sheets)

Maze Activity (2 Pages)

Make The Shift

Powerful Questions

I Am Responsible For

I Love My Body

How Many People Can You Count

Color My Emotions

I Love Myself To The Moon and Back

These practices will set the foundation for Mindfulness and Growth Mindset within your child to carry forward through their life.

Not JUST for kids, these calming and empowering exercises are useful for all ages and create a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to combine their mindfulness practice together.

Available in 3 Colors, My Mindset for Kids comes in Pink, Greens and Neutral tones.