Back to School

I used to love school, but maybe not for the same reasons most kids did. It was nice to see all my friends again, although my closest friends were around during the summer months as well, so that wasn’t really a deciding factor. I was happy vacationing and spending time with just my brother and parents during the summer months; so it wasn’t that. I hated gym class since i had no coordination and limited athletic skills, and I didn’t play any sports (except the wrestling team for a couple seasons) so it wasn’t that either. Up until high school I was actually extremely shy, so there was a lot about school that was really intimidating to me. But the reason I still loved it anyway, was that I just really loved to learn, and still do.

Learning has always been a priority in my life since I was a child. I used to love playing with and reading random sections in the encyclopedia Britannica collection my parents had for us in the basement. (If you don’t know what that is, google it…an option I didn’t have lol) I have always loved books, I currently own more books than I have time to read; but I’m working on that. I’m always the first the sign up for any additional training offered at any jobs I’ve ever had. If I could learn something new, that was valuable to me.

When I was finishing up University, I wanted to start working and making money right away, so once I had my bachelor degree that’s what I did. But if I had of had unlimited time and money I would have stayed in university until I took every class and program they offered. (well maybe not the Shakespearean literature, no offence if that’s your thing though)

In the years since then, I’ve learned a little more about learning and a lot more about yearning. Up until about five years ago, my search for knowledge was always focused around science and computers. Although these were both interesting to me and practical in my career, I still wanted more. Something deeper.

I’ve already wrote about how Yoga first opened my eyes to connecting the mind and body and opening my eyes to a new world of knowledge. (you can read about that here) It also pushed me past limiting beliefs I had about gaining knowledge and learning. Opening my eyes to a broader range of discovery; mind, body and self.

I remember cruising the book stores in the past and skimming by the “self help” section and thinking there likely isn’t anything in there for me, I don’t need help with anything. **Pause for an eye roll and laugh, now in hind sight** The book store really did that section a disservice by labeling it like that. Self discovery and personal development is what I was looking for, and once I was able to let go of the limiting belief that I didn’t need help, I found a wealth of knowledge I didn’t realize I was looking for.

Personal development books are now my absolute favorite. I love reading about different perspectives and considering ideas I wouldn’t have thought of myself. As much as science computers and history interest me, there’s such a vast world of concepts around the mind and self discovery. Learning about myself through other people’s discoveries about their selves has been a mini journey of mine ever since.

Discovering growth and development workshops and coaching took that to a whole new level for me as well. Learning about myself has been the most challenging topic in my quest for knowledge so far. Accepting hard truths, letting go of limiting beliefs, stepping away from habits or people that no longer serve my vision for a happier life. Its a process that has brought out a lot of tears but even more passion.

So starting next week I’m leveling up what I’ve learned so far about life coaching and continuing on with training to gain my accreditation as an internationally recognized professional coach. I’m going back to school during my evenings (and some weekends) to expand on what I’ve learned so far through world class training. As always I’m so excited to be learning something new, especially something aligned with a passion. This fall and winter I’m looking forward to soaking everything in, learning more and gaining knowledge and skills from the highest standards available. Most of all, learning how I can bring that knowledge to you.

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