What is a Rebel Mind?

That voice inside your head that’s talking all day long and literally never shuts up; the one that has an opinion on every decision you make and everything you do or don’t do… that voice is not actually you. YOU are the one listening to the voice, the one interpreting the message, the one who decides to believe what it’s telling you or not.

The voice in our head is replaying back messages or thoughts we’ve seen, heard or thought before that can come from a place of love or fear. The more often we accept to receive these messages coming from a place a fear, the louder that voice will get when it’s pitching us new thoughts based around fear.

It works the same way with messages of love. The more often we choose to accept those thoughts as truth, the louder they will become as well. This is the place we want to be, able to hear and feel all the thoughts, but consciously know the difference and choose to keep our truth in a place of love.

When that voice is coming from a place of fear, this is what we call our Rebel Mind. It’s rebelling against our true authentic self, it’s offering limiting beliefs and excuses. The more often we’re accepting that, the quicker we will accept it the next time we hear it, and so on. If we accept the fear we just stay stuck.

What vision do you have for yourself ? What goals or dreams do you want to reach in your life ? What’s stopping you? It’s very likely your Rebel Mind. Which means the only thing really stopping you from getting what you want, is you.

Here’s some examples of limiting beliefs your Rebel Mind might try and convince you are true.

  • I don’t have enough confidence for that
  • I failed before so I’ll probably just fail again
  • I’m just not that type of person
  • It’s always been this way, nothing’s going to change
  • I’ll never have enough money
  • I’m too far behind to get ahead now
  • I’m too old, or it’s too late for that
  • I’m just not meant to be successful
  • I’ll never be as good as “they” are
  • No one will ever listen to me
  • There’s no one out there for me
  • No one actually likes their job anyway
  • I’m not smart enough to do that
  • No one cares what I have to say
  • I don’t deserve it anyway 
  • I’m not good enough 
  • I just can’t

The list can go on and on and on. Everyone has thoughts like these. In order to live our happiest life, the life we envision for ourselves, we need to be able to recognize these type of thoughts for what they are. Fear. Our Rebel Mind.

As we roll into the weekend, take some time and try to notice when your Rebel Mind pops up. Feel free to comment some of the limiting beliefs you’ve felt in the past or what your Rebel Mind has to say.

Happy Friday;

Remember, don’t let your Rebel’s decide how your weekend goes!

If you’re reading this and know you’re ready to step away from the fear that’s been holding you back and take control of your present and future; Set up a free call with me and let’s chat about how we can work on it together. I still have a few spots left to work with you this month.