Why do I want to Life Coach?

Why did I start this journey to become a Life Coach?

This same question was asked to each one of the 20 or so women sitting together last night for our Graduation ceremony of this first part of this journey together. Although everyone of us have the same broad vision of becoming our most authentic selves and living this life full of purpose, each one had a unique story what really lead them all to this same path. For me it was my babies.

At some point the world convinced an entire generation of us that we all need to do the same thing; get the education, get the job, get married, get a house, have kids, wait for retirement, enjoy life. If you do all of these things, pretty much in that order you would have lived a successful life. This is how my parents were raised and a lot of that was taught to me as well. In my case I got the education, got the job, got the house, got married, got divorced, lost the house, got a new house, fell in love again, had the kids. So here I am; I have my partner, my babies, my house and my job. This is about the point where a lot of people just go into autopilot because that’s what we have seen other’s do. This just doesn’t feel like enough to me at all, and having babies amplified that so much. I want a fuller life, I want to be the best mom I can be for them, I want to look back at my life some day and be proud of how I spent my time and how I showed up every day of it with purpose.  

Me and my two babies playing in the lake this summer.

Before I had kids, I measured success by education and job status. Keep learning new skills and keep working your way up the ladder of your career path, that was what I thought was most important. I did this and I did progress my career, but this didn’t bring me any sort of joy. The skills and knowledge I was obtaining was only to fulfill one purpose and that was my vocation. For me personally, this isn’t what lights my heart up or gives me purpose, for me that is my family and always has been. Becoming a life coach is teaching me skills I never knew even existed; it’s allowing me to grow in ways I never considered before. Its forcing me to have a serious honest look at how I have been showing up in my life and consciously choose in what ways I want to continue showing up and what ways I want to change.

The Tragically Hip pointed this out to me long ago in one of my favorite songs “No dress rehearsal, this is our life.” This is it. This is the only time I have on this earth and I want to make the most of it. My babies are only one and two years old and they have already showed me how quickly time really passes. It’s hard to believe they are only a month and a half away from starting daycare. I want to soak in all of my time with them, be attentive and present. I want to be the best role model I can for them, I want to build trust and confidence, bravery and empathy, independence and curiosity. I want to teach them how to live an authentic life that makes them happy and not settle for anything less. I want them to dream big and chase those dreams until they become a reality. I want them to have the best life they can possibly have. The best way for me to do that, is to live that way myself.

My family, mommy, daddy baby girl and baby boy at the beach in Nova Scotia enjoying our vacation.

I am my own first client, I am a student, I am open to change, I am open to receive what the world is offering me, I am seeking a life full of purpose and I am ready to step into that life each and every day and step away from anything that doesn’t align with my vision of my most authentic self. On the road of this journey, I am honored that I also get to share what I am learning with other people who want to live a similar life. I get to share the skills and tools I am learning with the world and coach others who want to live their best lives as well. So that’s it; I am becoming a life coach so I can transform my own life to be full of purpose, gratitude and joy and show my children and others around me what the meaning of life is all about.

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