Motherhood; An Ocean of Love

By Mendara Lynn Chan

I remember the fear and hesitation before 

Never knowing if I could really handle it for sure 

The ocean so alluring from where I stand on the beach

But the risks run deep, hidden out of sight and reach

Do I take the plunge? And dive right in?

Do I stay here ashore and take time within?

What of my freedom, my body, my time?

Do I choose between them, or could each be mine? 

Will this life I create be adorned with good health? 

Could I keep us afloat in the deepest waters past the shelf ?

Questions unanswered yet the yearning deepens inside 

The call of the sea rises, pulling me closer with each tide 

Each wave beacons and soothes at the break 

I walk towards it without a retake 

Gentle waves of salt water soothe over my feet

As sounds so blissful, within my heart meet

I’m not prepared, I know nothing at all

I plant my feet in the sand and try not to fall 

The ripe tides and current pull down to my core 

I hold my breath and swim even further from shore 

Floating to the surface I feel light and love 

Waves sway around me, I see only blue skies above 

Sounds so pleasant they radiate my soul

Salt flavoured air, the bitter sweet taste worth the toll 

The tides came in that beautiful night 

Washed away all doubt or fear in sight 

The morning sea so peaceful, gentle and calm  

Arising from the waters, I sing a new song

Stronger and wiser, filled with ultimate bliss

Forever changed from that very first forehead kiss

Mother kissing new born baby on forehead
Photography by Brittany Gawley

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