Are you set on auto NOPE?

In order to “unpack” my treadmill I need to pull one lock lever to unfold it and then plug it in. It took me one month plus one week to do this.

In the beginning I genuinely did not have the time, but somewhere between then and now I continued to hold on to that reason (excuse) (lie) and convinced myself temporarily that I didn’t have time. That’s how easy we can fall out of good habits, or convince ourselves never to start them in the first place.

We are REALLY good at convincing ourselves NOT to do things. We can come up with plenty of reasons and stories and lies to tell ourselves and they make us feel good about not doing something that we probably want to be doing but it’s just more comfortable and easy not to.

The bright side here is that it takes exactly the same skills to convince ourselves TO DO something as it does to make an excuse not to. This is exactly what a mindset shift is and it’s takes practice. If your autopilot is continuously on “NOPE,” then that will feel like the easiest route, the path of least resistance. Over time, simple mindset shifts towards “HECK YES” will begin to show up more often as your initial reaction.

The point here isn’t to say yes to everything, and it’s not about convincing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. It’s the complete opposite. The point is to get clear on what you do want, and take little steps toward that and big NOs to the things that will set you back or steer you the wrong way.

It also doesn’t mean that the steps or actions will become easier. It will become easier for you to see that the outcome is worth it to you, and THAT is what makes all the work feel good.

A healthy lifestyle one of the things that’s important to me in my wheel of life. So even when I’m busy, finding and making time for health and fitness will also leave me feeling more fulfilled. Family time is also highly important to me, so combining the two is also a great way to feel extra fulfilled.

Get clear on what you want out of life. Say YES to the things that lead you there and NO to the things that won’t. Easy? NOPE, satisfying? FRIG YEAH!

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